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Automation and Manufacturing: A Partnership in Innovation

It’s no secret that American manufacturing is coming back. Gone are the days when companies are expected to send their business overseas, where labor is cheaper and dependence on foreign manufacturing is the norm. Small manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies alike are returning to our shores, realizing the value of manufacturing independence and true American quality.

One of the greatest reasons behind this reshoring is the technology and innovation that’s showcasing this country’s leadership in the industry. And one of the best examples of this is automation. Almost every industry is now realizing the value of automation and the ways in which it can help them.

In fact, according to a recent article in The Economist on automation: “If people on the factory floor or in workshops are provided with easy-to-use robots they can become more productive…Bring together these new robots with innovative manufacturing technologies, and you could get a manufacturing renaissance.”

Today’s automation involves sophisticated robots that can take over the menial tasks once done by entry-level workers, saving time and money while creating roles for more skilled employees. They are advanced machines that, according to that same article, “fetch and carry parts, hold things, pick up tools, sort items, clean up and make themselves useful in myriad other ways.” They are helping to create efficient workplaces that manufacture higher quality goods in a shorter amount of time.Automation

At the same time, these robots need to be programmed and maintained, creating new career opportunities for Americans. Rather than replacing workers, as some had feared, they are creating the need for more—albeit higher skilled—employees. Furthermore, the efficiency, quality, and cost savings from automation are helping American manufacturers compete with overseas labor rates, continuing manufacturing’s reshoring.

American manufacturing has always stood for advanced technology and innovation, and automation is making this as true now as ever.