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Safe Summer Travel – and the Components that Make it Possible

For many Americans, travel is a huge part of their summer plans. Spending the season on the open waters, cruising while enjoying the weather and scenery, is a favorite pastime. And while boarding these vessels and perfecting their tan, most people aren’t thinking about the components that go into shipbuilding. The same is true for the trains that bring countless American families to their destinations throughout the season.

For the ship and railroad builders, however, every component is critical, and of utmost priority is safety. Take fasteners, for instance. They’re small but crucial parts of these large modes of transportation, and safely getting from point A to point B depends on their quality.

Did you know that forensics have concluded that it might have been faulty fasteners that ultimately sunk the Titanic? While a lot of time has passed since that fateful voyage, what hasn’t changed is the importance of fasteners, and the need for quality construction and design.

At Chicago Nut & Bolt, we manufacture custom fasteners—inclusive of custom nuts, bolts, and screws—for a wide variety of industries and applications, including the ships and trains that bring people to and from their summer vacations.

We meet all specific requirements and sizes and make blanks in every imaginable head style—all the while making quality our number one priority.

As an ISO-certified, Fastener Quality Act-compliant company, using the most sophisticated testing and certification procedures, safety is always ensured, and the quality is always uncompromised.

The last thing travelers should have to worry about is the safety of their transportation; when companies choose to use our fasteners, it’s something no one has to worry about.

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Is Manufacturing on the Cusp of a 3D Printing Revolution?

Some people are describing it as the catalyst for the next Industrial Revolution. Others are predicting it will one day become so commonplace that it can be found in a home. It’s no surprise, then, that more and more businesses are paying close attention to the emergence of 3D printing.

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is one of the newest and latest technologies to affect the manufacturing industry. According to this article, 3D printing allows for “designers and engineers to imagine, computer-model, and build objects within hours…objects are built from scratch, layer by layer, with no wasted materials.” Due to this technology, the manufacturing process is aimed to change dramatically.

Already, we are beginning to see how 3D printing is being incorporated into the industry. We certainly feel as if manufacturing is on the cusp of a 3D printing explosion, and we do believe that it is going to be the future of manufacturing and industry. But how will it directly affect our company and our business of custom fasteners? To start, we think the additive technology will make the machining process much smoother and it will be used with a wide range of materials. Not only do we believe that at some point in the future we will be using 3D printing to produce fasteners, but we also believe it will be incredibly useful when it comes to prototyping, especially in rapid prototyping. As a company that does a fair amount of prototype work, we can see how 3D printing can revolutionize the process.

While we are not investing in 3D printing at the moment, we are certainly aware of its potential and we’re watching its progress in the industry. We’re excited to see what comes next!