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Our New Location

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Where in the world do an infinite range of custom fasteners come from? The type that keeps heavy machinery working or holds together the Golden Gate Bridge or marine industry equipment? It takes a big facility to house all that precise technology, and that’s what we’ve got!

Chicago Nut & Bolt is pleased to introduce our new location in East Dundee, Illinois.

With 50,000 square feet of space, including 4,500 square feet of offices and 500 square feet dedicated to a Quality Inspection laboratory, this is where we fulfill orders for customized bolts, nuts and screws from ¼ to 72 inches and design custom fasteners of any size. To get products quickly to their destination and keep the mining, heavy machinery, military, railroad construction and agricultural industries up and running, we’ve included four external truck docks, three drive-in doors and 1,500 pallet locations. If you’d like to visit, we also have 85 parking spots.

Drone Video of our New Location

145 Prairie Lake Road
East Dundee, IL 60118

We’re Moving!

We are very excited about our upcoming move to a newly built location in East Dundee. We will have double the capacity as well as a brand new lab. Move will be taking place in the middle of February, more details to follow!

Our New Address:
145 Prairie Lake Road,
East Dundee, IL 60118

Chicago Nut and Bolt New Location


How Radically A High-Speed Train System Would Improve Travel In The US

Business Insider has broadcasted a video showing just how radically a high-speed train would revolutionize our traveling systems.  Hyperloop is in the making and has some great projects ahead to making this high-speed train a reality.

According to this video, the US railroad network is composed of about 140,000 miles of tracks. Many passengers travel by train at only 50 mph.  The top speed of the fastest train, AMTRACK, is on average anywhere between 80-90 MPH.


A new vision for high-speed trains would connect to all the U.S major cities of a 170,000  mile network.  Here is how it would be mapped out.

What’s the Difference between Us and Them?

More choices. It’s that simple. At Chicago Nut & Bolt we specialize in custom made fasteners to meet any specification and application.

Many of our competitors may say they are a custom manufacturer but when you look closely at their products and capabilities, they are 90-95% off the shelf. That might be fine for some applications. But, for truly custom made nuts, bolts and screws the best choice is to work with a company that has the capabilities to produce exactly what you need.

How can we be 100% custom and provide quick turnaround times? It’s because we have a massive inventory of blanks and a plant staffed with experienced machinists. Every imaginable head style of fastener is stocked and the blanks can be modified according to exact specifications. We will provide extra-large or extra-long sizes, drill holes, fit an extra thread, add a special body diameter, or create a special pattern across the flats.

Custom bolts are available in a wide range of materials and many different bolt styles such as square, round, hexagonal, countersunk, flanged, socket, and 12-point. We can add any type of protective and anti-corrosion coatings and treatment. No other company has the same capabilities as we do.

If you want more precision, more accuracy, more style, and more choices, the company to partner with is Chicago Nut & Bolt. We’re all custom! Contact us today to learn more.

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Chicago Nut & Bolt Debuts New Website

This spring, Chicago Nut & Bolt is launching an updated website to better serve our customers. The new look offers enhanced navigation, additional information, and enhanced technical specifications.

Within the capabilities and services sections we provide you with detailed information including images and case studies where applicable. When choosing a manufacturing partner we feel it is important to give you as much information as you’ll need to help you explore all available options. Providing this information at your fingertips gives you the tools to make informed decisions about how we can meet the needs of your application.

The new site also features interesting projects where we have supplied custom fasteners as well as testimonials from customers who have been extremely satisfied with the parts and service they’ve received from Chicago Nut & Bolt.

The website features a new design but the nuts and bolt of our company remain the same–high-quality fasteners customers have come to rely on. If you need standard or custom nuts, bolts, and screws for any type of industrial application, please contact us today!

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West Coast Port Disruptions Are Causing Unprecedented Delays: Chicago Nut and Bolt Can Help

In 2002, when the ‘West Coast’ ports went through a 10 day long lockdown, the Us economy suffered a blow of almost a billion dollars a day and the resulting backlog took a year to clear out.

The ports on the west coast of the country, especially Long Beach and Seattle-Tacoma are points of contact with the influx of imported goods from East Asian markets. Everything from the meat and poultry industry to fruit exporters and consumer electronics depends upon components that are shipped in and distributed from these ports. Anything is short of smooth and effortless co-ordination at these terminals results in delays that are magnified down the supply chain.

Starting late 2014, because of brewing discontent and a lack of clear communication between terminal authorities and the labor union, the congestion at these ports has escalated to touch epic proportions. What is a three-week long delay is now anywhere between six to seven weeks, leaving manufacturing lines depleted of raw material and the production potential of the nation on a leash.

The hypothesis is murky at best with an ongoing ‘blame’ game. The terminal authorities claim that the port workers are intentionally reducing their productivity to fan an already volatile situation into a complete lockdown. The port laborers who are dissatisfied with poor working conditions and the lack of formal contracts are pointing in the direction of the management stating that out of 1000 employees who report for work, only 200 are mobilized and allowed to engage in actively moving the imported goods to ease the congestion issue.

It is impossible conclusively to vouch the verity of a particular perspective, but the resulting delays are forcing factories to pay for airfreight and make do with limited supply of raw materials. In extreme cases, contracts have been voided because of deadline violations.

In the midst of this chaos, Chicago Nut and Bolt can facilitate the delivery of ‘contingency’ consignments of up to 5000 pieces to help companies that rely on nuts and bolts to keep production lines moving.

If your imported raw materials are stuck in transit and your inventory is running dangerously low, we can fill in the gap with high-quality pieces crafted to ensure robustness and compliance to industry standards.

To know more about our fastener products and operational services, visit or write to us at

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Rush Work for the Holidays

It’s that time of the season when the work comes to almost a stand still. Yes, it is the holiday season, and it is the best of the times, as well as the worst of the times for the retailers and manufacturers. It is the best time because everyone is busy, and the economy is good, but on the downside the capacity to meet the demands becomes tight. This is because of the congestion in the ports at Long Beach and Seattle, and due to this congestion, the containers are stuck in the port for weeks. This results in the disruption of the supply chain and hence the retailers and manufacturers are unable to meet the demands. This is where Chicago Nut and Bolt plays the role. We help people get out of trouble. Our reputation is built on flexible and attentive fastener supply services rendered to meet the needs of customers all over the world.

At Chicago Nut and Bolt we undertake delivery of emergency orders for custom fasteners, custom bolts, custom nuts, and custom screws quickly, in compliance with all specifications. Despite the standard delivery time of one week, we can accommodate emergency custom orders overnight or within a few hours. As soon as the request is received by the CNB representative or engineer through fax or email, the pricing as well as delivery information is sent to the customer within minutes. The order is then sent to the customer and is tracked right from the production to packaging to final shipment.

We know that finding a manufacturer to produce a custom part is hard, but we can produce the part and deliver it when you need it. Though we carry standard fasteners all the time as a custom fastener manufacturer, we focus on producing the right part to meet the requirements of our customers.

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The Golden Bolt

As the number one source for custom fasteners, special bolts, standard fasteners and bolts, we play an integral part in the production process for our customers. We’re consistently called upon for custom nuts, bolts, and other products that are necessary to keep production running smoothly and efficiently. We’re so focused on providing our customers with the necessary products for their success that we continue to specialize in custom made products.

Countless manufacturers around the world are constantly creating, producing, and distributing products that are complex and require hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pieces. But did you know that bolts and related products usually only make up approximately three percent of the end cost of an item?

Think about this: A company is manufacturing huge industrial tractors for use in the agriculture industry. Thousands of pieces are needed to complete each tractor, including various metals, wheels, and other components. But in order for the tractor to be completed safely and efficiently, a number of important parts are necessary, including custom or off the shelf nuts and bolts.

At Chicago Nut and Bolt we offer our customers custom and off the shelf nut and bolt components quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. We know that keeping your production process moving smoothly and on schedule is important. Contact us to learn more about our emergency order services and more custom capabilities. We’re experts when it comes to custom nuts, bolts, and the important golden bolt in your production process.

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Automation and Manufacturing: A Partnership in Innovation

It’s no secret that American manufacturing is coming back. Gone are the days when companies are expected to send their business overseas, where labor is cheaper and dependence on foreign manufacturing is the norm. Small manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies alike are returning to our shores, realizing the value of manufacturing independence and true American quality.

One of the greatest reasons behind this reshoring is the technology and innovation that’s showcasing this country’s leadership in the industry. And one of the best examples of this is automation. Almost every industry is now realizing the value of automation and the ways in which it can help them.

In fact, according to a recent article in The Economist on automation: “If people on the factory floor or in workshops are provided with easy-to-use robots they can become more productive…Bring together these new robots with innovative manufacturing technologies, and you could get a manufacturing renaissance.”

Today’s automation involves sophisticated robots that can take over the menial tasks once done by entry-level workers, saving time and money while creating roles for more skilled employees. They are advanced machines that, according to that same article, “fetch and carry parts, hold things, pick up tools, sort items, clean up and make themselves useful in myriad other ways.” They are helping to create efficient workplaces that manufacture higher quality goods in a shorter amount of time.Automation

At the same time, these robots need to be programmed and maintained, creating new career opportunities for Americans. Rather than replacing workers, as some had feared, they are creating the need for more—albeit higher skilled—employees. Furthermore, the efficiency, quality, and cost savings from automation are helping American manufacturers compete with overseas labor rates, continuing manufacturing’s reshoring.

American manufacturing has always stood for advanced technology and innovation, and automation is making this as true now as ever.