Keeping the Arecibo Observatory Scanning the Sky

As a manufacturer, nothing brings you more joy than discovering that your products are helping humanity expand its horizons. At Chicago Nut & Bolt, we are proud that our custom fasteners help keep the famed Arecibo Observatory going strong. Referred to as the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, the observatory, which is located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, is the home of the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope on the globe. The 1,001-foot radio telescope has played a major role in collecting valuable data on Mercury, Venus, Jovian satellites, and Saturn’s Rings, according to its website, as well as searching for life beyond our galaxy. It has also been featured on the popular T.V. program Modern Marvels and in the James Bond film, Goldeye.

As one might imagine, the Arecibo Observatory, which is celebrating its 50th year of service, is in constant need of fixing and fine-tuning. This is where Chicago Nut & Bolt’s custom fasteners play a major role. The telescope is comprised of almost 40,000, 3 ft. by 6 ft. perforated aluminum panels, which require maintenance to guarantee accurate readings, as seen in this article. It just so happens that Chicago Nut & Bolt supplies the custom nuts and bolts made from a unique stainless steel that hold each of these critical panels in place.Arecibo Observatory

If our custom nuts and bolts are trusted to keep this scientific marvel working at peak performance, just imagine what they can do for your next project! To learn how we can help you meet your fastener needs, no matter how big or small, contact Chicago Nut & Bolt today.